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Having released the rather fine Losing Sleep album in 2010, Edwyn Collins is reportedly ‘working like the clappers’ on a new album, which is two thirds completed. There will also be an album released through iTunes in December, also to be entitled Down The Line.

This is rather sweet – and any new Edwyn Collins material has always got to be a good thing, right?

Given that it is quite hard to get hold of many of his records, both solo and with Orange Juice (well, as in buy – I dare say you can search online but that’s not the point really, is it?) I take great comfort from reading this:

“Also anticipate a series of releases of Edwyn’s solo catalogue. Deleted, lost and forgotten albums and other recordings will resurface; remastered and wrapped up in special, carefully prepared sleeves. He’s back where he always felt most comfortable, doing it all himself, with his unflinching eye for detail and beauty.”

You can stream ‘Down That Line’ here:

EDWYN COLLINS – Down The Line by Analogue Enhanced Digital

Album review – Edwyn Collins


Edwyn Collins -‘Losing Sleep’ (Heavenly)

Thirty years into his career, Edwyn Collins continues to demonstrate why he is so highly regarded. In the late 1970s as the Nu-Sonics evolved into Orange Juice, and that band spoke of mixing the sounds of the Velvet Underground and Chic, there were those who jeered (presumably those who had heled onto their Genesis and ELP albums). But here he is, continuing to do what he does best, write, sing and perform.

It’s not so much the mixing of the Velvets and Chic I hear within here , but -and I mean this most warmly as a compliment -the mixing of the craft of the best sixties and seventies soul (think Gaye, Mayfield and Hayes) and Lou Reed. Given that Orange Juice covered Al Green’s ‘L.O.V.E. Love’ and he joined forces with Paul Quinn to cover the Velvets’ ‘Pale Blue EyesHis voice is gorgeously distinctive -my wife immediately recognised who it was. The opening title track has the feel of the best soul you’ve ever heard and then makes way for the Lou Reed-type menace of ‘What Is My Role?, a track co-written with Ryan Jarman of The Cribs. ‘There’s not a dud track on here, and the record finishes with ‘Searching for the truth,’ enforcing that there are twelve new worthy editions to the Collins catalogue.

With songwriting collaborations also coming from the likes of members of Franz Ferdinand, The Drums, Johnny Marr and Roddy Frame, there’s a sense of a master receieving the recognisition from both contemporaries and those who are deeply indebted to him. It’s time to stop mentioning that hit and that event, and to recognise Collisn for what he is: one of Britain’s top singer-songwriters who continues at the top of his game.

Long may he run.


Losing Sleep is out now on Heavenly.

Edwyn Collins ‘Losing Sleep’

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Stream the album at NME.com


It’s been a busy but great weekend.

Friday night I was out in Glasgow with fellow scottish bloggers JC, Drew and Colin for Edwyn Collins (above) at the ABC in Glasgow. I will post my own review here soon. It was a great start to the year’s gigs, especially being as it featured Roddy Frame on guitar.

It was an excellent night…and accommodation was provided by none other than the Vinyl Villain himself. You can read all
about JC, the Vinyl Villain himself’s view of the gig over here at the Vinyl Villain.

On Saturday, it was on with the business of trawling round record shops dropping off Aberfeldy’s single round record shops. It’s now available in quite a few shops including in London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow.

Orange Juice -‘Blue Boy.’ mp3

At home with Edwyn Collins

I know I said I was busy, but ya gotta make time for some new music.

In this case, please head on over to his myspace page to hear new Edwyn Collins tracks called ‘Home Again’ ‘Leviathan’ and ‘You’ll Never Know’

For those who don’t know, Edwyn suffered a cerebral harmorrhage two years ago, but has made great progress in recovery.

Give up a few minutes of your time and check it out. This is not a comeback but the sound of a man whose nearly thirty year career continues to delight. And then join a campaign to get all the Orange Juice and Edwyn Collins albums properly available in the UK. This is part of our heritage, dammit!

I won’t write any more. The music speaks for itself.