17 Seconds Records’ update


Lots happening over the next couple of months with the label…

Over the next week alone, we have Chris Bradley doing a live session for Leith FM on Friday at 3PM (as it happens just three days after labelmates The Last Battle played!) and Chris will also be doing an instore at Avalanche Glasgow on April 7 at 5PM. Chris’ album At the Outpost came out on Monday and has some great praise, and is available online and at good indie shops, including Rough Trade, Avalanche, Coda, Underground Solush’n and now Fopp too! If you like things digital, try iTunes or eMusic. Please leave feedback!

The Dirty Cuts are back in the studio and over the next wee while they will be playing in Glasgow, London and Edinburgh – check their myspace for details. Their follow-up to debut single ‘2 Page Spread’ should be out very soon. As ever watch this space and hassle yr local station/indie club/blogger about them.

The next release from the label will be the ‘One EP’ by the Factory Kids. This will be available as a five-track download EP from all good download stores from April 12, and this is 17SEC18, our fourteenth musical release as a label. In the name of promotion and friendship (umm, or something) we’d like to offer ‘Factory Crease’ as a free download:

Factory Kids -‘Holiday Crease.’ mp3

Aberfeldy, Escape Act and The Wildhouse have all been getting studio tans (!), and both The Last Battle and David Scott albums should be out over the next few months. There will also be more stuff to come from X-Lion Tamer very soon…

If you read the post below you will see that we’re very involved with Tigerfest this year, with X-Lion Tamer, Chris Bradley, The Dirty Cuts, the Wildhouse and The Last Battle making appearances.

And before the month is out, a very special night at Limbo in Edinburgh. See the poster at the top!


17 Seconds Records in 2010


As promised…it looks set to be a bumper year for 17 Seconds Records.

There are quite a few 17 Seconds Records-related gigs taking place in Scotland and Ireland over the next few months, see our myspace page for more details. In January alone, the Dirty Cuts and the Wildhouse are playing live on the same bill with each other back to back in Glasgow and Dundee, X-Lion Tamer is playing in Edinburgh (a free gig, no less), Aberfeldy will be playing in Dundee, and Escape Act are tearing up five counties in Ireland.

The Dirty Cuts will release their first single ‘2 Page Spread’ on download on January 25, with the 7″ to follow, and they have gracioulsy allowed us to make the b-side available as a free download:

The Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

The following week, as announced, the Factory Kids will release EP1, with EP2 to follow later on in the year. All being well, February will see the re-issue, digitally of the first two Wildhouse LPs, Hyenas and Poet:Saint. Their third album, Jackson ’56 will be released later this year.

March will see the release of Chris Bradley‘s sophomore album At the Outpost, likely to be preceeded by another single (watch this space, as they say). We are also going to re-issue his debut, Voices, in remastered form, later on this year.

As for the first three acts we signed, let them not be forgotten either: Escape Act have finished recording sessions with the famed producer Andy Miller (Sons & Daughters, Mogwai and Delgados, amongst others) and are mastering their sophomore album, Aberfeldy have just two more songs to record for thier third album and X-Lion Tamer is also working hard in the studio. he has been tipped as one of Vic Galloway’s Scottish artists to watch in 2010!

Phew, rock’roll…

We should also be on Spotify any day now, we have a Last FM Page, and more than 5,000 friends on our myspace, so we are getting the word around.

Want to hear more mp3s of our acts? check here at our website.

A brief thank-you


…to everyone who has bought the Escape Act ‘Cabin Fever’ download single.

As of this evening, today it is no.346 of the top downloads today on the Alternative chart on eMusic. It has actually been more downloaded than some releases by the White Stripes, the Strokes, Feeder and Bloc Party.

Does this change the world? Of course it doesn’t, but a sincere thank-you from 17 Seconds to those who’ve blogged about us or our bands, it does make a difference.

Bless you all.

Just in case you haven’t seen or heard their single from earlier this year; here it is:

Oh, and anyone whose bought our tracks who’d like to leave feedback on iTunes, eMusic, etc.. that would be lovely too!

17 Seconds Records update


Yup, more news from 17 Seconds Records.

First of all, today sees the release of the second single on the label from Escape Act, our sixth single in all. It’s called ‘Cabin Fever,’ it’s available from all good download services and it’s got this rather excellent video:

This is made up from footage of the band’s trips to Glasgow to record their debut album, Loosely Based On Fiction.

If you’re looking for more free music – try here for free samples from the Wildhouse, Chris Bradley and X-Lion Tamer.

There’s lots of live dates coming up over the next few months – including this coming week! Chris Bradley plays Edinburgh tonight and Glasgow on Thursday, while Aberfeldy’s Riley Briggs is doing a special solo spot on Saturday in Edinburgh – find out about it all here.

Our night in Glasgow at the 13th Note was fantastic and saw excellent performances from four of our acts -the Dirty cuts, Escape Act, X-Lion Tamer and Chris Bradley. There will be more of these…watch this space…

And, as a reminder, the Escape Act single is just £1.58 to download both tracks. Go without yr morning coffee and support a cottage industry, not the coffee industry, for just one day.

More music from Escape Act


Escape Act, the first act to sign to 17 Seconds Records who were not based in Scotland, will release their second single with us in November. They have a new drummer, Michael Sampson, as Alan has relocated to Leicester.

The single is entitled ‘Cabin Fever’ and will be backed with ‘Sullied Behave For The Moon.’

Escape Act – ‘Cabin Fever’ video

Escape Act – Cabin Fever on MUZU.

We are also pleased to announce that the band will join Chris Bradley, the Dirty Cuts and X-Lion Tamer for the 17 Seconds Records at the 13th Note in Glasgow on October 30.

More exciting music from 17 Seconds Records!


Yup, folks it’s all busy around 17 Seconds Towers.

Having just released our fourth single, X-Lion Tamer’s ‘I Said Stop’ (coupled with his excellent cover of Galaxie 500’s ‘Tugboat’), and with October seeing the release of Chris Bradley’s ‘Bored Little Rosie’/’The Man I Love’ single, just to say that November will see the release of the sixth single, ‘2 Page Spread’ by The Dirty Cuts. It’s absolutely brilliant, and we’re really excited about it. The single is streaming over at our myspace

Remember: you can play your part too: blog about it, tell your friends, hassle people to play it -whether it’s podcasts, national radio or at clubs…THE MORE COVERAGE THE BETTER! Oh, and obviously go and buy it when it comes out.

Forgotten what the other 17 Seconds Records singles are?

Well, they’re still available for download from iTunes, eMusic etc…

Aberfeldy -‘Claire’ (17SEC1)

X-Lion Tamer -‘Neon Hearts’ (17SEC3)

Escape Act -‘God Says EP’ (17SEC4)

Remember, this is a cottage industry, so by supporting us you are fighting against the man…or something.


Two rather nice examples of people spreading the word

a) On the sixth day blog have done a post on The Dirty Cuts

b) Matthew of Song, By Toad blog has included X-Lion Tamer’s cover of ‘Tugboat’ on his latest Podcast

17 Seconds blog…three years old


So…another year passes by, and the 17 Seconds blog is three years old!

In the course of the last year, I’ve interviewed several artists included Jennifer Herrema, Peter Parker and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and set up 17 Seconds Records. The label has so far signed Aberfeldy, X Lion Tamer, Escape Act and most recently, The Dirty Cuts.

Sure, there have been a couple of bands that we’ve tried to get and haven’t, a few run-ins with the dreaded DMCA, and occasions when I thought I was banging my head against a brick wall. But thn again, this year has also seen the 17 Seconds Night at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh, a nice little article about the blog and label in the List magazine, and support from so many friends both on the net and here in the real world. Particular mention must go to the wonderfully loyal and supportive Mrs. 17 Seconds, ‘Diamond’ Dave who helped me re-work the website and transfer it to its’ new home, my parents, my business partner laurent and Scott who does a lot of work for the label, Matthew at Song, By Toad, Jim at the Vinyl Villain and Steve at Teenage Kicks. God bless you all, God bless Les Paul.

There’s also now a 17 Seconds page at last FM. Still figuring out how to use it all, so please bear with me!

The title track to the album that gave the club night, the blog, and latterly the label its’ name:

The Cure -‘Seventeen Seconds.’ mp3


X Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

…and from 17SEC4:

Escape Act -‘God Says (Uber Glitterati mix).’ mp3

Keep it tuned to 17 Seconds.

Advance warning…Escape Act!

Well, folks, if all goes to plan, this will be Escape Act’s second single on 17 Seconds Records:

It’s called ‘Cabin Fever’ and is taken from their rather fine debut album Loosely Based On Fiction.

This is the video…and(biased as I am) I think it’s just as good as ‘God Says’ if not better!

Escape Act – Cabin Fever on MUZU.

We’ve had some nice publicity regarding God Says, it seems to be doing quite well, particularly on eMusic.

Go and buy it if you haven’t already!

Escape Act website/Escape Act myspace

…and just in case you haven’t done so already, make friends at our Myspace page


Escape Act -‘God Says.’

Escape Act – God Says on MUZU.

Here we are – the third release on 17 Seconds Records – The God Says EP by Escape Act.

The first release with proper video, hopefully the first of many.

…and as a treat, we’d like to offer you a free remix of the track by Uber Glitterati:

Escape Act -‘God Says (Uber Glitterati Remix).’ mp3

The download should be available from iTunes, eMusic and all good online music stores. If there’s an online store (no, we don’t mean filesharing!) that you like to use, please let us know and we’ll try and sort it out.

Escape Act website/Escape Act myspace

17 Seconds Records website/17 Seconds Records myspace


There is this rather nice piece on the release over at Culture Northern Ireland blog, and is mentioned here at State magazine, at fastfude, NIMIC, The Devil Has The Best Tuna, I Heart AU, and the BBC!

Presenting 17 Seconds Records’ fourth signing…Escape Act!


Very excited to announce this…after several months sorting this out, our latest signing is Excape Act, all the way from Belfast!

Their first single with us should hopefully be out in June…it’s a re-issue of their single from last year ‘God Says’ coupled with two very cool remixes.

This is the video for God Says…

Escape Act – God Says on MUZU.

Feedback, as ever, eagerly appreciated!

Escape Act website/Escape Act myspace