Album review – Gang Gang Dance


Gang Gang Dance -‘Eye Contact.’ (4AD)

OK, it’s probably stating the blindingly obvious to state that this record seems to be very much the critical and cool hit of the moment. Thing is, it is an absolutely brilliant record. It deserves every bit of praise that has been passed its’ way and more.

Eye Contact is the New York-based band’s fifth album. Last time round, on Saint Dymphna, they collaborated with a the unknown rapper from the UK called Tinchy Stryder. How times change. There’s many acts out there that would like to give the impression that they are genre-defying; Gang Gang Dance genuinely are.

Over the course of a ten track, forty seven minute album, GGD frequently have more ideas in one song than many will manage over an entire album. And there’s more going on over the course of an entire album than many will manage over their entire careers. Thing is, whilst it can seem like a helluva lot to take in in one go…you don’t need to. Repeated visits reveal just how brilliant this album is. There’s hints of warped electronica meeting the Neptunes, arty indie, nineties post-rave chill and a punk as anything attitude bringing it all together.

Astonishing album opener ‘Glass Jar’ – which is eleevn minutes long -kciks off proceedings and is one of the best of a pretty impressive bunch of tracks. But as well as single ‘MindKilla’, there’s also the very impressive ‘Adult Goth’ (which when you hear it you will realise is exactly what it is, somehow! Eye Contact also includes guest appearances from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip on ‘Romance Layers’ and Tim Koh of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. In many ways these two acts are fellow travellers, or at least they would be if it wasn’t for the fact that gang Gang dance seem to be so far out there -and yet, utterly accessible, too.

This is a truly astonishing album.


Eye Contact is released on May 9 on 4AD.

Gang Gang Dance -‘Glass Jar.’ mp3

Gang Gang Dance -‘Mind Killa.’ mp3