17 Seconds Records…an update


So…this is where I blow my own trumpet again…having been the guest on Matthew from Song, By Toad’s guest on his show on Fresh Air FM in Edinburgh this evening, talking about blogging, and music and running record labels etc.. I now come home to do the same.

On March 9, 17SEC3 will be released, the download only (for now!) single from Ex Lion Tamer entitled ‘Neon Hearts.’ You can stream it here. This should be available from iTunes and eMusic, as well as many other download stores. Please buy it and support us.

Last night, the third act to sign to 17 Seconds Records, The Gillyflowers, were playing a support slot at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh and pulled an excellent crowd. They were excellent and I felt particularly proud to have signed ’em.

This is them playing at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, in December 2008, supporting Aberfeldy. Many thanks to Julia for posting this.

The Gillyflowers -‘Hollow.’

Oh, and our first act, Aberfeldy, are playing in Aberdeen on March 9.

Finally there are some 17 Seconds Records related evnts coming up…but you’ll have to keep checking back here or reading our website to find out what they are, as and when they’re announced… : ))

Oh, and the final song Toad played tonight was this. An excellent song with which to finish any show, or a blog post, for that matter.

Orange Juice -‘Felicity.’ mp3

17 Seconds’ latest signing!


OK folks, I have been waiting to announce this for ages…17 Seconds’ third signing is The Gillyflowers!

You may remember that I wrote about this band a few weeks ago, and that I had seen them supporting Aberfeldy, 17 Seconds Records’ first signing, at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. When Reilly Briggs played us the demo, we knew we had to sign them, we’ve spent the last five weeks trying to make this dream come true!

Led by one Kersten Adamson, a Fifer with music in her blood the band sound perfect, all the more especially considering they have only played a handful of gigs so far.

Check out their myspace here listen to the songs and go and make friends.


This is our new logo, btw.

Oh, and there are articles on the record label here and on Aberfeldy here at song, By Toad.

It’s all very, very exciting…

Merry Xmas

…phew. Christmas is nearly here, the school term is over…and I’m feeling absolutely exhusted and still quite some way off goodwill to all men, especially if they have anything to do with the RIAA or the DMCA.

But, it has been a good year for me overall, sustained by getting a better job, the continued love and support of Mrs. 17 Seconds and family, friends and readers. 17 Seconds Records Ltd. is go, make friends at our myspace page if you haven’t already.

17SEC1 is already available as a download, Aberfeldy’s first single for two years ‘Claire.’ The 7″ is now supposed to be with us in January, not that I’m getting annoyed about this or anything…It was a proud moment hearing Riley Briggs talking about 17 Seconds Records from the stage at their two gigs on Monday and Tuesday; if you pop along to their myspace, where you can make friends if you haven;t already and hear their version of a Christmas classic. They were supported on Tuesday night in Edinburgh by the rather fabulous Gillyflowers who have already been recording with Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy producing and amazing it is too. Make friends with them, before some hip record company snaps them up.

17SEC2 is Ex Lion Tamer’s fantastic ‘Life Support Machine.’ Thank you to the 100+ who have downloaded this; if you haven’t please do – it’s a free Christmas track.

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

If of course, Christmas is getting too much for you, check out this track from Earth:

Earth -‘Omens And Portents I: The Driver.’ mp3

It’s taken from this page whixh has lots of wonderful and not a little terrifying stuff from the likes of Om, Sunn o)), Burning Witch…and Boris collaborating with Merzbow. Two Japanese gods of noise collaborating together. Oh yes…

Have a good one, I’ll be back in the new year