Guilty pleasures


A few months ago, I posted ‘Summer Of ’69’ by Bryan Adams, one guilty pleasure from the eighties.

This is another.

Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirts can now be bought in Next, I see. This is yet another example of band tees being sold to folks who have very little clue about who the band actually are…or is it? I’ve ground my teeth seeing people walking around in those Ramones T-shirts who I suspect have no clue who they are. But G’n’R were always a bit more mainstream.

Their debut Appetite For Destruction came out in 1987. They took forever to follow it up, well four years with Lose the Plot one and 2, sorry Use Your Illusion I and II (Exhibit A for the Prosecution: why releasing Albums on CD became a bad idea, Exhibit B Oasis’ Be Here Now). Last year they released their album Chinese Democracy which was first being slated for release when I was still at school…I’m now 32. Somehow, I didn’t even put it on my Christmas list. Must have had my mind on other things.

But all those things aside…this is a class tune. And if this doesn’t make you want to headbang and play air guitar…well, i guess you were never an adolescent boy, were you…?

Guns ‘n’ Roses -‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’ mp3


Have tomorrow and Monday off, as one of Scotland’s strange but welcome middle-of-nowhere holidays.

So, I’m tired but happy and feel like celebrating. Play air guitar and dance around like a mad thing.

And whatever the mythical Chinese Democracy album might sound like, I still love this track.

Guns ‘n’ Roses -‘Sweet Child O’Mine.’ mp3

Some ‘Eighties’ Stuff?

Hi there…still off work and my head feels like it’s overworked…

Anyway…*sigh* here are a few songs, consider this a double post as I didn’t post yesterday.

There is no linking theme here, other than all this stuff came out in the eighties. It really is that tenuous.

One day I am going to do a post on the Ozzy-era Sabbath. Forget the TV show for the moment (though I’d much rather watch that than any other fly-on-the-wall thing), Ozzy has been responsible for some fantastic stuff. This is (obviously) from his solo career, and was later covered by none other than Pat Boone, as heard on the credits to The Osbournes

Ozzy Osbourne -‘Crazy Train.’ mp3

Guns ‘n’ Roses were lumped in with the hair metal lot, but they had more to them, which was probably why they crossed over. It would later all go horribly wrong, but this is where they managed to show you can write a love song that’s got balls. Later covered by Luna (will have to post that some day).

Guns ‘N’ Roses -‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’ mp3

Utterly different sylistically from either of the above, The Specials and their later incarnation Special AKA wrote fantastic songs, and in some ways were the early eighties version of Massive Attack (if you stop to think about it). Anyway, ‘Ghost Town’ sums up not so much urban paranoia as urban fears coming true, while ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ helped to do exactly that. Where’s the 2000s’ equivalent, dammit?

Specials -‘Ghost Town.’ mp3

Special AKA -‘Free Nelson Mandela.’ mp3

This song’s african drum beats were later sampled for a rather cheesy dance number called ‘Sunchyne’ by Dario G (I think. I’ve not really spent the last ten years paying much attention to it). If this doesn’t move you, at least a little bit, then there’s no hope.

Dream Academy -‘Life In A Northern Town’ mp3

This song was banned by the BBC in 1986 because it was ‘obviously’ about heroin. What with Grange Hill -Zammo especially- telling us just to say no, and Boy George apparently having only eight weeks to live, it was getting a pretty scarey time to be a nine year old. (years later, when I sang in a band called She Will Destroy You, we opened our first gig with a cover of this).

Jesus and Mary Chain -‘Some Candy Talking.’ mp3

Weird, wonderful, and heartbreakingly sad, this must have been one of the most unusual records ever to make the Top 5.

Japan-‘Ghosts.’ mp3

Finally, another case of me having to eat my words. I hated this song in 1988, for some reason I didn’t get house music. Never mind, that 303 will get anyone in the end.

S-Express -‘Theme From S-Express.’ mp3

These links will be up for a week only. May my head and brain start to feel like normal soon, please…