Album review – Luxury Condo


Luxury Condo -‘Hit the Strip.’ (Luxury Recordings)

This is the debut album from the Hackney-based band. There’s something about the vibes used on the opening, instrumental, title-track that suggests David Lynch (or should that be Angelo Badalamenti?) is as much an influence as the Doors on this record.

There’s a whole undercurrent of the less glossy side of sixties music here – Jim Morrison’s afoprementioned merry men, as well as surf bands, garage bands and the Nuggets compilation (I bet Lenny kaye would LOVE this album). As well as the three singles released so far (‘Gorilla, Gorilla, Gorilla’; ‘Escalado Man’ and ‘Don’t Shoot Mr. President’) there’s some excellent tracks here, including ‘Mission House’ and ‘Front Row Sleaze.’

While the style won’t appeal to everyone, those who like thier music smokey, sleazy, mysterious -but tuneful- will find much to enjoy here.

A whole heap of fun.


Hit The Strip is out now on Luxury Recordings.