Presenting…Member Of The Wedding


Member Of The Wedding hail from Glasgow.
The three members are ” Rory, who sings and strums the guitar, Louisa who plays bass, synth and percussion and Stephen who thumps the tubs and keeps the rest of them in time.” they got in touch with the blog a few weeks ago, and sent me a copy of their debut EP ‘Chapter & Verse’ which is out on Cosy Recordings. Limited to 300 copies only, it is well worth tracking down a copy.* And no, it is not on iTunes, I’ve just checked.

So what do they sound like? Well, they channel the songwriting skills of Jonathan Richman and the Go-Betweens with the spirit of The Vaselines, Josef K and Orange Juice, to name but a handful of influences. I’ve played this EP loads, and I can’t believe that if you hear this EP, which merits ***** in my opinion, that you won’t want to do the same…

So…what are you waiting for? Check their myspace here and go get a copy!

…and as always, once you’ve listened to the tracks, let me know what you think!

*check their myspace for details : )