Introducing…Mikhael Paskalev


What with being part-Bulgarian and part-Norweigian, to say nothing of being an adopted Liverpudlian, Mikhael Paskalev would probably raise some interest on paper, before you hear a note of his music.

But I’d like you to hear two tracks that he has released as singles: ‘I Spy’ and ‘Jive Babe.’ Two brilliant, and very different singles.

…and now, having sampled that fine, quirky pop, check out the videos for said singles.

First up, ‘I Spy.’ Yes, it features him dancing around in his briefs. But don’t let that put you off.

And now, one of the best videos I have seen this year. Directed by Jack Whiteley, imagine if Quentin Tarentino was Eastern European, rather than from the US of A. Utterly compelling.

Apparently various Hipster publications have picked this up. Don’t let that put you off.