Album review – Rodeo Massacre


Rodeo Massacre -‘If You Can’t Smoke ‘Em, Sell ‘Em.’ (Smoky Carrot)

There are some really good moments on this, the debut album from Swedish-French band Rodeo Massacre. Album opener ‘Desert man’ has a gorgeous trumpet part, reminiscent of of Calexico. With the gorgeous guitar hints of surf (think Dick Dale, rather than the Beach Boys), it’s worth hearing this album for alone.

Rodeo Massacre have a gutsy frontwoman in Izzy, the Swedish lass who met up with the guys in Paris before the decamped to the UK. There isn’t much particularly original on offer here, but what is evident is the sound of a taleneted bunch of folks who are clearly having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of love of rootsy American music on display here – be it country, blues, R&B, rock ‘n’roll, and the band are having a lot of fun playing around with this. Sometimes it doesn’t work (the flutes on both ‘Zombies Of Life’ and ‘I’m Eighteen’ are unnecessary), but often it does.

Much of what is on display here suggests that Rodeo Massacre have the potential to develop themselves a lot further. It’s a competent debut -and I hope to see them find their own place on subsequent releases.


If You Can’t Smoke ‘Em, Sell ‘Em is out on Smoky Carrot on January 31.