The return of Deerhunter


It’s been a while since I featured Deerhunter on this blog, but with their fantastic new track ‘Snakeskin’ doing the rounds, frankly, there’s no reason not to!

The Athens, Georgia band are shortly to release their seventh album Fading Frontier on October 16, on 4AD. It includes contributions from Tim Gane (of Stereolab fame) and James Cargill (of Broadcast). The song is the first to do the rounds from the album and you can see the video below:

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. All The Same
2. Living My Life
3. Breaker
4. Duplex Planet (ft. Tim Gane on Electronic Harpsichord)
5. Take Care (ft. James Cargill on Synthesisers and Tapes)
6. Leather And Wood
7. Snakeskin (ft. Zumi Rosow on Treated Alto Saxophone)
8. Ad Astra
9. Carrion

Missing Stereolab?


Stereolab are currently on hiatus -am hoping that this is not a metaphor for split (in fact, while I’m on it, hoping that it’s just a ‘hiatus’ for Electrelane, too).

Anyway, Laetita Sadier has recently issued a solo set, entitled The Trip.

Pitchfork, for what it’s worth, loved it and I’m planning to get my grubby little mits on it, after hearing this track, courtesy of them. The album came out last month…

Lateitia Sadier -‘One Million Year Trip.’ mp3

Meanwhile, a new Stereolab album, Not Music, which was recorded at the same time as their last album, Chemical Chords. This will be out on November 15, which is a pretty cool birthday present for yours truly…

Stereolab -‘Sun Demon.’ mp3