Christmas Posts 2011 #24


Having posted about Irish act Sweet Jane yesterday, I’m still waiting for people to start jumping up and down and talking about how great they are.

Today’s Christmas posting (and I’m really pleased that I’ve had so many new submissions this year) comes from them again, and it’s their version of ‘Silent Night.’ This is my favourite Christmas carol of them all, deceptively simple, utterly sad and even though it is over 100 years old, showing bands that they could take the idea of three chords and create Slowcore decades before anyone even thought of the concept of indie music.

Enjoy. I certainly am.

Sweet Jane – Silent Night by Sweet Jane [ Free Music ]

Presenting…Sweet Jane


Irish act, Sweet Jane, are just about to release are fantastic cover version of the Moody Blues’ legendary ‘Nights In White Satin.’

The band are Danda Paxton (guitar and vocals), vocalist Lydia Des Dolles, Ruairi Paxton on bass, Donogh O’Brien on drums, and now Neil Paxton on keyboards. Having released their debut album, Sugar For My Soul in 2010, the band are now looking to album no. 2. What I’m loving about this band is the indie-rock meets dream-pop/shoegazing sound which should hopefully draw as many people in as possible. See what YOU think, it works its’ magic on me very quickly.


This cover, of the Moody Blues’ ‘Nights In White Satin’ is simply beautiful.

Click here to stream it – and listen to these tracks too:

Something For My Soul – Sweet Jane by Reekus Music Irl Ltd

Bleed – Sweet Jane by Reekus Music Irl Ltd