A song for today #12


Bryan Ferry celebrates his seventieth birthday this year, but the man the NME once dubbed Byron Ferrari shows no sign of slowing down. Last year saw his latest solo album Avonmore and he’s still responsible for some of the coolest music of the last forty years, both solo and as frontman of Roxy Music.

A few years ago, I argued that it might well be time for a Bryan Ferry resurgence, and I’ve rediscovered later Roxy and solo work.

While he’s done numerous cover versions throughout his career, the aforementioned Avonmore closed with his cover of Robert Palmer’s ‘Johnny and Mary.’ This also appeared on Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time. And now a stunning video has been revealed for the song. If you think that in the post-MTV era of YouTube etc.. that proper music videos don’t matter any more, feast your eyes on a beautiful video for a fantastic interpretation of a classic song. It stars Ferry and model Eliza Cummings.