Tom Jones vs. Neil Young


Tom Jones –as I posted last month
is shortly to release his new album Spirit In The Room, on May 21. This is the second track to do the rounds from it, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Tower Of Song’. The video seems to be reminiscent -if not as harrowing -as Johnny Cash’s video for ‘Hurt’:


Meanwhile, Neil Young has teamed up again with Crazy Horse for his new album, Americana, due out on June 4.

This is the first track to do the rounds from this, a version of the old song ‘Oh Susanna.’

Tom Jones: still not stopping at 70*


Ditching the leathers (though they worked well when he collaborated with New Model Army) and the medallions seems to have worked well for Tom Jones.

Just a couple of months after he collaborated with Jack White on a limited 7″ called ‘Evil’, Tom Jones’ latest album Spirit In The Room shows that he (or at least his advisors, but I suspect the man himself) still has his finger on the pulse.

In the late eighties he covered Prince’s ‘Kiss’ with the Art of Noise; the nineties saw him produce an album working with the then crop of stars (many of whom he seems to have outlasted), and now his latest album sees him covering Low Anthem’s ‘Charlie Darwin‘ and the title track of Tom Waits’ latest album Bad as Me which you can stream and download below.

Rather good, methinks…and I can’t see Cliff Richard doing this

*yeah, I know he’s 71, but it scans better, no?

Tom Jones and New Model Army

You did read that right.

It might sound odd on paper (or on screen) but in 1993, New Model Army did indeed team up with Tom Jones to record the Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’ for the charity Shelter.

…and here’s the proof!

When I interviewed NMA’s Justin Sullivan in 2009 he said that Tom Jones had been great to work with.

Musty write that interview up properly sometime.

Oh, and one of the other cover versions was…Samantha Fox and Hawkwind…

if anyone has an mp3 of this I would be eternally grateful.