EP feature – Ummagma

One of the fortunate things about writing a blog is that I get sent a *LOT* of new music – much more than I can possibly review. Once in a while something catches my attention, and is actually so good that I feel obliged to buy the thing myself to support the cause, rather than just simply adding it to the pile of review CDs.

So is the case with the LCD EP from Ummagma. I featured the Robin Guthrie remix of ‘Lama’ on the blog a couple of months ago but the whole EP is now available and it’s fantastic. Canadian singer Shauna McLarnan and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Kretov have produced an EP that stands as a body of work in itself, with two of their heroes, Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie and Curve’s Dean Garcia. It’s twenty-two minutes of prime shoegaze that’s worthy of your listening time. Hell, 2016 was the year of grime’s resurgence – but with this and new albums from the likes of Ride, Slowdive and the Jesus & Mary Chain, perhaps 2017 will go down as the year of shoegaze.

Check it out below…


And as a wee bonus…


A track for today #46: Ummagma

‘They’ say you should never meet your heroes.

Fortunately for Ummagma – singer Shauna McLarnan and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Kretov – were introduced by a mutual friend to Robin Guthrie, guitarist in the Cocteau Twins and co-founder of Bella Union label. The result was that Robin was so taken with the track ‘Lama’ that not only did he remix the track (which originally appeared on their 2012 album Anitigravity) but added his own parts to the mix. It’s the lead track on Ummagma’s forthcoming EP LCD.

The EP also features another legend from the dreampop-shoegazing world: Dean Garcia of Curve fame. Shauna McLarnan explains: ‘I grew up listening to Cocteau Twins, Curve, and so many bands from the 4AD and Creation labels, and then later introduced them to my husband [Alexander Kretov].. He learned of them late, having been born in the USSR. We feel incredibly honoured that Robin Guthrie and Dean Garcia have shaped several of our tracks as they personally envision them.”

Check out Lama below. It’s a particularly lovely, dreamy piece of work that begs to be played again and again.