Guess who’s back?

Well, back in Edinburgh after a lovely week’s holiday in England -and let me tell you there are still some places where mobile reception is comically bad in England to this day.

There will be more reviews, Introducing etc.. very soon, but I thought as I don’t do many of my covers posts these days (what with the Internet police, and that) but here is one I recently unearthed: It’s XTC’s take on Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower,’ as popularised by Jimi Hendrix, and taken from their 1978 debut White Music. If you like it, buy it!

Christmas Posts 2012 #19


No, not son 17 Seconds, who’s a little bigger than that these days, but a very Happy Christmas from all of us here.

Enjoy these songs -and please, leave feedback!

The Fall -‘(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas.’ mp3

Sultans of Ping -‘Xmas Bubblegum Solution.’ mp3

Rilo Kiley -‘Xmas Cake.’ mp3

De Rosa -‘Under The Stairs (Xmas Reverie).’ mp3

James White -‘Xmas With Satan.’ mp3

Badly Drawn Boy -‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

ILikeTrains -‘Last Christmas.’ mp3

Damned -‘There Ain’t No Sanity Claus.’ mp3

James Brown-‘Please Come Home For Christmas.’ mp3

XTC-‘Thanks For Christmas.’ mp3

Sonic Youth-‘Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope.’ mp3

Yo La Tengo -‘It’s Christmas Time.’ mp3

Christmas posts part 25


Bloody exhausted.

Two more sleeps to Santa, so here’s a bit of a hotch potch of stuff, if you’re still interested.

First up, that How To Swim Christmas EP is now available:

Meanwhile, my friend JC at the Vinyl Villain did an excellent post on Monday that I thought you should check, if you haven’t already and Aye Tunes continues to be excellent for Christmas-related music. And there’s this over at NME. And this.

A few tracks that have appeared here over the years…just in case you’re interested or missed them in previous years:

Manic Street Preachers -‘Christmas Ghost.’ mp3

Darlene Love -‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).’ mp3

The Knife -‘Christmas Reindeer.’ mp3

Tom Lehrer -‘A Christmas Carol.’ mp3

Tom Waits -‘Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis.’ mp3

XTC -‘Thanks For Christmas.’ mp3

Two more for Christmas


“Trying to take on the X-Factor at Christmas? That’s so 2007.’

The last week has been hectic, what with one thing and another. As far as the blog is concerned, I have done my Festive Fifty and the Top 75 albums of the year…so will continue to enjoy the Christmas music, as we get a week away.

I know next to nothing about how these tracks came into being , but as two of England’s finest bands, I hope you will enjoy. Oh, and nice to see Blur get the recognition they deserve this year…

XTC -‘Thanks for Christmas.’ mp3

Blur – ‘Wassailing Song.’ mp3

More Christmas music, tomorrow, folks. Keep it tuned to 17 Seconds. And hope you are keeping safe out there with that mental weather…

Songs For Christmas XII

Well, it’s now the twelfth, so I’m already halfway through my Christmas posts. Here are three more to share with you.

All About Eve -‘Last Christmas.’ mp3

XTC -‘Thanks for Christmas.’ mp3

Yo La Tengo -‘It’s Christmas Time.’ mp3

Hope you are still enjoying these, people are still downloading them, so I guess somebody is!