Hello…and welcome

Hello to whoever is reading this. You’ve almost certainly been given this url by me – or someone who knows me, welcome anyway!

FAQ (or questions you might ask)
Q. Why ’17seconds’?
A.1. 17 seconds is the name of The Cure’s second album and The Cure are my favourite band of all time (alright, so The Cure’s second album was Seventeen Seconds, not 17 seconds- but if you’re going to come on my blog and split hairs, you can go away).
A.2. I once ran a club night called ‘Seventeen Seconds.’ If I ever have time, I may just do it again.
A.3. It’s my blog.
A.4. …Why not?

Q. What is 17 Seconds a blog about? The Cure?
A. It might be. If I chose to post on The Cure. It’s fair to say: it will probably largely be about music. Other things that might be covered include: Films, books, politics, education, rants, cats and dogs, football and recipes. (Those last two are unlikely, by the way).

Q. You said this would be a blog about music! I can’t find any music on here!
A. Because this is my first blogging post, and I am still figuring out how to do it. Wait.

Q. Do you wear Lederhosen?
A. I’m an Englishman living in Scotland. If I wore a kilt, people might assume I was an American tourist.

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