Some music…perhaps?!

For anyone who’s been following this blog as it has developed, you will notice that the links on the righthand side, both to other blogs and bands has grown. I know that there’s not many bands there – and some people will argue they’re obvious (?!). As before…the best things come to those who wait (nearly put a link to Guinness there, thought better of it).

What I am now going to do is to encourage you to check out some music by a very fine Scottish band; Arab Strap. (Legend has it that one of the band’s Grandmother’s suggested that they change their name to Central Belt as they’re from Falkirk. Bless).

‘The Love Detective’ is from 2001’s The Red Thread, while ‘Who Names The Days?’ is from 2003’s ‘Monday At The Hug And Pint.’ Remember: if you like them, go and buy the albums, whether it’s from Amazon or an independent record store, or a high street store.

Arab Strap – The Love Detective. mp3
Arab Strap – Who Named the Days? mp3

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