Not to be confused with Razorlight

Every so often, you hear about about a band that seem to be getting so much coverage, with so many blogs salivating over them that you wonder if there’s someone hyping things or what (maybe we bloggers are guilty of this at times…)

However, when the band in question sound as good as Canada’sJunior Boys, then who is complaining? I hadn’t heard this track until about half an hour ago – term is kicking in, and I’m having to do those things that I’m paid to do, like prepare lessons, mark, and y’know, teach. However, sometimes you need to do something else.

I know very little about them, but if there is any justice, next year they, CSS and 120 Days are going to be giving us what the electroclash movement should have.

Junior Boys -‘In the Morning.’ mp3

Junior Boys -‘Birthday.’ mp3

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