My new favourite band…Love Is All

You know that feeling when you buy a bunch of stuff and there were things you set out to get and yet it ends up being the afterthought that you enjoy the most? Yes? No?! Well, it happened almost ten years ago, when I was at uni and my friend Emma and I went into town to buy Pop by U2, which was new out that day. As an afterthought, maybe ‘cos it was on Island as well, I went back and bought Broken English by Marianne Faithfull. The U2 album has had very little play over the last ten years, if I’m being honest. The Marianne Faithfull album is one of my favourites. Just goes to show…

Anyway, I had a similar experience today. I went to get the new Razorlight 7″ (or should I say 7″s, ‘cos multi-formatting now seems to happen on vinyl, after all this time, though i’m not complaining!) and being vaguely aware of Love Is All picked up their new single ‘Make Out.Fall Out. Make Up.’ I am now playing this for about the fourth time already, and that includes all the b-sides too.

Sometimes when I try and make comparisons between artists, I know I run the risk of falling on my face (though I compared Razorlight to Bruce Springsteen in 2003, and that one seems to be being born out more with every passing year). I just feel that they sound so fresh right now, that all I can say is just ‘cos they come from Gothenburg don’t expect them to sound like the Cardigans. I hear maybe a slightly more frantic Concretes and a bit of X-Ray Spex too. That saxophonist is repairing years of damage.

Anyway, this is a brief post as I have to sort out some stuff for teaching tomorrow. But please follow this link here to hear some stuff and see the video for the single.

Then, obviously, go and buy Love Is All

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