History Boys

Hello there. First of all, the blog is now three months old, so thank you everyone who has read it and chipped in their bit, and even those who have linked to it. I still am probably not the most savvy with technology – but compared to my first post three months ago, I can now post links to music, include videos and have an idea about how to monitor it all.

Anyway, just got back from the cinema where I went with friends to watch the History Boys. Great film, sad in places but a hell of a lot of laughs too. Mystified how people can do a film about life in the 80s without referring to the political situation, but hey…oh, and great soundtrack too. Here are videos to three songs which appear on the soundtrack, out on October 16 in the UK. Enjoy! I really shouldn’t need to contextualise these, and for once, take it at face value. Then go and buy the albums, obviously, and go and see the film.

The Smiths – This Charming Man

Buy The Smiths on Amazon

Echo & the Bunnymen — Never Stop

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The Cure – A forest

Buy The Cure On Amazon

Buy the History Boys soundtrack

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