Three for three friends

Hello again, it’s been a busy time asusual, trying to balance work, social life and music, but here I am back again.

This post is for three friends, Rob and Emma who had my girlfriend and I to stay with them in Oban over the weekend, and my friend Gordon who came with me to see the Cooper Temple Clause and Battle on Monday (review coming very, very soon.

Rob said he hadn’t heard Camera Obscura – so here, for Rob and Emma is Camera Obscura – still my favourite album of the year with ‘Let’s Get Out Of This Country.’

Camera Obscura -‘I Need All The Friends I Can Get.’ mp3

Meanwhile, on Monday, inbetween bands, Gordon and I were discussing how great British sea Power were and he admitted that he hadn’t heard The Brakes album, the offshoot project also involving The Electric Soft Parade and others, including the Pipettes. So, Gordon, here is The Brakes:

The Brakes -‘Heard About Your Band.’ mp3

And of course, because the above track name-checks Sleater-Kinney…how could I resist?

Sleater-Kinney – ‘Oh!’ mp3

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