Have you heard…The Gossip?

First of all, these guys have been around for a while, so I cannot claim to be putting a new band your way. But if you haven’t heard The Gossip before, and I was a Johnny-come-lately too, now you must!

From the US, based in Portland, Oregon, three-piece the Gossip remind me of The Bellrays, The Slits and The Rapture (especially circa Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks). This track has just been re-released in the UK – go get it!

The Gossip -‘Standin the way of control.’ mp3

Gossip Standing In The Way Of Control

Like what you hear? Their myspace page has more tracks to stream, whilst more tracks can also be found at here at Insound and at the Kill Rockstars media page.

And, as always, if you like what you hear, support the music, go and buy it!

Buy The Gossip at Amazon

The Official Gossip website

The Official Gossip myspace

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