Kiss Kiss Molly’s Lips

Hi there. Hoping for a quiet(er) weekend, so finally have got around to posting again. Thanks for all the feedback on the Jocknroll – always good to know people are reading.

I may do several posts this weekend, to make up for all I’ve been missing. First of all, may I push you, nah, shove you, in the direction of The Vaselines. For those of you who haven’t encountered the Vaselines, boy are you in for a treat! Frances McKee, Eugene Kelly, James Seenan and Charlie Kelly may have made only a handful of records, but, as they say, their influence cannot be under-estimated. Brian Eno famously said that only a few people may habe brought the first Velvet Underground album, but everyone who did went and formed a band. That’s the thing was the Vaselines, they make you feel like you should go and form a band. And if you’re singing about sex in pretty well every song, then, you can’t argue with that. They were tied in with the C86 movement in retrospect, but they were kind of a bit later than that.

Their most famous fan was Kurt Cobain, who covered several of their songs; Jesus Doesn’t want Me For A Sunbeam on their MTV Unplugged album and Son Of A Gun and Molly’s Lips can be found on Incesticide. However, it would be nice to think that the Vaselines would be remembered and treasured even if it weren’t for Seattle’s finest.

This is a fansite on myspace, where you can hear and download tracks – given that Egene and Frances are ‘friends’ I think you can consider that endorsed! But don’t forget to check out both Eugene and Frances‘s own myspace pages where you can hear what they have been up to, not forgetting Eugene‘s own website. These are people who helped make not just the scottish music scene what it is, but also impated massively on the whole ‘indie/alternative/whatever’ music scene across the world over the last twenty years. And it’s time that those people who don’t realise it woke up to it!

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And while you’re there, go and buy all the stuff by Eugenius, Suckle, Frances and Eugene you can find. Or, go and check your local independent shop
Then let me know what you think!

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