This track has been posted all over the net, but, just in case you haven’t heard it, you HAVE to hear The Shins‘ new track Phantom Power, which is on their new album, out in January. Along with the new Bloc Party album, it’s starting to spill onto the blogs, and it would be nice if a few more tracks could come our way legally before the album comes out (hey, we got two from the Yo La Tengo album. Just wondering…will buy it anyway!)

The Shins -‘Phantom Power.’mp3

If you like what you hear, go to the Sandwich club, which has some cool covers by The Shins.

Oh, and I know I posted on them a few months back, but if you really haven’t heard any other stuff by the Shins, go to the Sub Pop media page. you are in for a treat. Go buy all their albums either here or at your local independent record shop.

PS I know I haven;t posted any new photos recently, but will do once new computer bloody lets me!

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