It was twenty years ago today…

..that I bought my first ever 7″ single ‘Caravan of Love’ by the Housemartins. Aged 10, I walked into WHSmith and started what has been twenty-year love affair with these little bits of vinyl. I’ve just given it the first spin in a few years but there’s something about it that provides me with a warm glow after all these years. It’s still pleasing that sales of vinyl singles have grown over the last few years, after all over a decade in the doldrums. Whilst it is probably too much to hope that they will be re-introduced in Woolworths, HMV in London and Edinburgh stock ’em in racks again (instead of shoe boxes).
As for the Housemartins…well, this line-up included Paul Heaton the singer (who would go on to form The Beautiful South), Stan Cullimore the guitarist (who would write books for children), bass player Norman Cook (better known as Fatboy Slim, amongst many, many names) and drummer Hugh Whitaker would play in The Sevants with future Auteurs/Black Box Recorder man, Luke Haines. This was their only No.1 hit, and it gives a glow like a cup of Hot Chocolate. Mmm…
This band are warmly remembered – and they should not be forgotten.
Start with their ‘best-of’ Now That’s What I Call Quite Good, which also has some of the most amusing sleeve-notes I have ever read.
Watch the video here on YouTube

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