Just a quick one…

…Ever picked up an album, like dirt, dirt cheap and found it was worth more than you thought?

Have been off for a few days with ‘flu (like most of you, prabably!) but I few days ago I picked up the Pretenders’ 2003 album Loose Screw…and this track particularly, seems to have lodged itself in my brain. I know received wisdom seems to be that they were never as cool after the first two albums, but this is a subtle wee gem. Wherever you are, if there are sales on, do check the bargain bins, ‘cos there are some goodies out there!

The Pretenders -‘Complex Person.’ mp3

If you cannot pick this up for a pound (hint to UK readers, mine was from Fopp), then there are copies very cheaply here on Amazon.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be!

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