And now…the best Scottish Albums Poll

Regular readers to this blog (and I know there are a few) will know that I have posted a few times on the Jock’n’Roll poll to find the top 100 singles by Scottish artists. The results are now posted for all to see and the top ten came out like this:

1. The Associates – Party Fears Two
2. The Skids – Into The Valley
3. Aztec Camera – Oblivious
4. Big Country – In A Big Country
5. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
6. The Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain
7. Trashcan Sinatras – Obscurity Knocks
8. Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dewdrops Drops
9. Orange Juice – Rip It Up
10. Danny Wilson – Mary’s Prayer

To see the full top 100 click here.

And now they have announced the next poll – to find the top Scottish album, and the worst. No finish date as yet, but it’s got me thinking about mine. The rules and how to vote can be found here. They are allowing various artist compilations but not best of/greatest hits compilations, which means that The Beta Band’s 3EPs is not eligible. But for my choices…

1. The Delgados ‘The Great Eastern’
2. The Jesus And Mary Chain ‘Psychocandy’
3. Orange Juice ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever’
4. Sons and Daughters ‘Love The Cup’
5. Belle and Sebastian ‘ If You’re Feeling Sinister’
6. Franz Ferdinand ‘Franz Ferdinand’
7. Aberfeldy ‘Young Forever’
8. The Shop Assistants ‘The Shop Assistants’
9. Camera Obscura ‘Let’s Get Out Of This Country’
10. Teenage Fanclub ‘Bandwagonesque’

Of course, there’s lots of other great albums that deserve inclusion from the likes of Idlewild, Arab Strap, Mogwai, Simple Minds (up to about 1985, and not beyond that!) Deacon Blue and many, many others. As for worst album…I haven’t heard the Krankies’ album, but maybe as a point of principle I will. Or Runrig – a friend once said that I didn’t get Runrig because I’m not scottish. Actually, I think it’s to do with being a music fan, but there you go.

What about YOU?

look for the above albums at Amazon or iTunes or ebay. Best of all, support your local Independent record shop.

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