Davey Henderson

I thought today, given that it has been a very quiet week on this blog, I would highlight the work of one Davey Henderson, a man who has been responsible for some of the most fantastic scottish acts over the last thirty years, with the Fire Engines (pic above), Win and then Nectarine No.9.. I’m not authority on the man, but the music speaks for itself, so go and check it out if you like these:

I finally saw a reformed Fire Engines on Decemebr 30, 2004 when they reformed and headlined a gig that was supported by Sons and Daughters and Aberfeldy. Fire Engines have been held up as a major influence on Franz Ferdinand, who clearly owe them a large debt. They also gave the name to the Candyskins, who called themselves after this track:

The Fire Engines-‘Candyskin.’ mp3

After the Fire Engines split, Henderson formed Win.These mp3s were posted a few months ago by JC over at The Vinyl Villain (this is meant to be flattery, JC) here are both 7″ and 12″ versions of ‘You’ve Got The Power.’

Win -‘You’ve Got The Power.’ mp3

Win -‘You’ve Got The Power 12″.’ mp3

Davey Henderson then led Nectarine No.9:

Nectarine No.9 -‘Constellations Of a Vanity.’ mp3

Nectarine No.9 -‘Susan Identifier.’ mp3

a few weeks ago, I picked up a 7″ by Mr. Henderson, this time fronting a band called the Sexual Objects, which is out on Creeping Bent, so track it down.

As always, these mp3s will be up for a week. if you like what you hear here, go to Amazon or any music shop and support the artist.

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