Album Review: Swimmer One

Album Review: Swimmer One -‘The Regional Variations.’ (Biphonic)

And it’s here at last! The debut album from Swimmer One has been four years in the making, but I hope when you hear it you will feel it has been worth the wait. They’ve been fed up with people comparing them to New Order, and listening to this album, it’s clear that all they have in common is sounding a bit electronic (as opposed to Electronic, obviously). These eleven songs build on the promise of their two early singles to show how beautiful sadness can be, and how wonderful Swimmer One are. This is the aural equivalent of a walk that enables you to see how wonderful the world is. Gorgeous, gentle electronic pop music that is heartfelt without being sappy, and yields more with every listen. Please make ‘Largs Hum’ a single, guys!


Hear Swimmer One here

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