Introducing…The Black Kids

Every so often, there is a band that comes along, that sends the blogosphere into a frenzy of discussion, and over the last few days that band has -rightly, in my humble opinion been these guys The Black Kids.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, The Black Kids are: Owen Holmes on bass, Kevin Snow on drums, Dawn Watley and Ali Youngblood, both on keys+vocals, and Reggie Youngblood on vocals+guitar.

To these ears, they sound like a Marvin Gaye meeting The Shins. They have made the four tracks on their MySpace page which make up the Wizard of Ahhs EP (quite a cute pun, I like it) available to download.

They have, as I said before, had a fair bit written about them across the blogosphere. I first read about them over at Hello Vegetables, it seems Pitchfork have given the EP 8.4 (read about it here, and Good Weather For Airstrikes has another mp3 and a live review. 24 hour Party Pooper has yet more here
Their song ‘Hurricane Jane’ has also been remixed by an artist called Beige -who I hadn’t heard before, but I’m impressed!- which can be found at his MySpace here

Go and make friends with them, I think the hype is justified here…

The Black Kids -‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You.’ mp3

The Black Kids -‘Hurricane Jane.’ mp3

The Black Kids -‘Listen To Your Body Tonight.’ mp3

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