More great stuff for 2008 – Presenting Small Crew

Well, no-one can say that 17 Seconds doesn’t try and bring you the best in new music (not that anyone has, but anyway).

Back in October, I became mySpace friends with a rather wonderful act called Small Crew. they are somewhat enigmatic, their MySpace claims that they come from Armenia, although I suspect this may not be entirely true. As for band members, they say ‘We Are The World.’ Uh-huh.

From God Is In The TV zine I learned this:

“Small Crew is Richard Adderley and Dan Edwards (formerly of bands like The Boyfriends, The Lucas Group and Vermont), although neither is necessarily on any given Small Crew Recording. Small Crew is whoever is in the room at the time when Small Crew music is being made. Small Crew can also be at the end of a phone line, in the post or on a computer, radio or television. If you aid, facilitate or enjoy Small Crew activities, you are Small Crew. Activity is currently limited to this planet but this is purely for technical reasons. Small Crew make any kind of music depending on what’s in the room or who’s on the phone. They like singing and dancing and they like to keep it dirty. Small Crew are not a collective. They are a combo. “

They released a download only single on Boxing Day, called um, Boxing Day. These three mp3s were sent to me, and jolly fab they are too. If you like Shoegazing indie type stuff (ok, I know that label has not found favour with everyone over the years but still…) try this:

Small Crew -‘Boxing Day.’ mp3

Small Crew -‘Getting Up.’ mp3

Small Crew -‘Too Far Away.’ mp3

Pop along and make friends with them at their mySpace
And, as ever, I would like to know what you think…

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