Album Review: Love Is All

Love Is All ‘Mixed Up’

Remix albums can be tricky affairs, sometimes opportunistic cash-ins and stop-gaps, as the record company waits for the next album or doesn’t feel that the time is quite right for a greatest hits compilation or stage musical.

Great to report, then, that this remix album of Love Is All’s 2006 album Nine Times That Same Song is actually ten excellent remixes that are different in sound, yet most impressively manage to work together well as an album in it’s own right. The Bees take on ‘Make Out Fall Out Make Up’ into something that is completely different from the original, Maps’ version of ‘Turn The Radio Off’ is simply gorgeous and when you know that Chicken Lips and hot Chip have also remixed tracks, you know it’s a stormer that provides an fantastic listening experience and works well as a party album.

No shoddy cash-in, but a rare example of an fantastic opportunity used to brilliant effect.


Love Is All…Mixed Up is out on January 21 2008 on Parlophone. Love Is All are currently writing a studio album in Gothenburg for 2008 release.

From Love Is All…Mixed Up

Love Is All -‘ Make Out Fall Out Make Up (The Bees Version).’ mp3

Love Is All -‘Turn the Radio Off (Maps remix).’ mp3

Love Is All -‘Felt Tip (Hot Chip remix).’ mp3

From Nine Times That Same Song

Love Is All – ‘Make Out Fall Out Make Up.’ mp3

Love Is All -‘Ageing Had Never Been His Friend.’ mp3

Love Is All -‘Busy Doing Nothing.’ mp3

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