Presenting…Dirty Summer

Right…on with the new music!

Dirty Summer are Brodie A L Wishart (bass/vocals), Fergus Christie Jack (keys/vocals), and The Banister (drums/cleaning). They make fantastically raucous pop music that sounds like they are taking the mick out of everyone and everything. Given that I never never met John Peel, this might sound presumptuous, but I think I can safely say he would have loved Dirty Summer.

They say they sound like ‘Car Crash Pop’ -and they do. In the best possible way. They hail from Dunfermline, Fife and remind me of those other scots nippers that have bothered proggers and boring grown-ups over the years, Bis and The Prats. Give these a listen…

Dirty Summer -‘War Is Bad Bono Is Great.’ mp3

Dirty Summer -‘Knees.’ m4a

…and if you like them, pop along to their MySpace and make friends. Only cold nast people are unfriendly.

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