A Peel-approved Burns’ Night! (Part Two)

Mogwai -‘My Father, My King.’ mp3 (2001 Festive Fifty no.10)

Teenage Fanclub -‘Like A Virgin.’ mp3 (1991 festive Fifty no.36)

Fire Engines -‘Candy Skin.’ mp3 (1981 Festive Fifty no.58)

Sons and Daughters -‘Johnny Cash.’ mp3 (2004 Festive Fifty no.7)

The Delgados -Pull the wires From The Wall.’ mp3 (1998 Festive Fifty no.1)

Rezillos -‘I Can’t Stand My Baby.’ mp3 (1977 Festive Fifty no. 4 initially!)

Arab Strap -‘The First Big Weekend.’ mp3 (1996 Festive Fifty no.3)

Enjoy! and mine’s a veggie haggis…

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