Presenting…Wake The President

Wake The President are a top notch band from Glasgow who released two fantastic 7″s in 2007. I saw them supporting Emma Pollock in December and was blown away. I spoke to them after the gig and they said they were happy for me to post their music on my blog so I hope that still stands!

They have released two excellent singles so far, which hint at Belle and Sebastian, but owe far more to the likes of Orange Juice, Arab Strap and Josef K.

See what you think:

7″ #1:

Wake The President -‘Mail Alice.’ mp3

Wake The President -‘Sorrows For Clothes.’ mp3

7″ #2:

Wake The President -‘Remember Fun?’ mp3

Wake the president -‘I’m Sorry.’ mp3

If you like the tracks – and i can’t see why you wouldn’t, please support the band in any way you can.

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