Under The April Skies…

William and Jim Reid from the Jesus and Mary Chain. Even my hair’s never been quite that big…

It’s April, supposedly the cruellest month, but I’m on holiday. It’s now after midday in Scotland, so no April Fools here. Spring is starting to appear, though it would be nice if the aforementioned plumber would turn up, and the drilling outside would cease, shortly before I snap.

However, yesterday I finally got to meet JC, aka The Vinyl Villain and myself and Mrs. 17 seconds had a very nice chat with him for two hours in Glasgow. He is a very friendly guy and so what better toast him with than three tracks from the biggest thing out of East Kilbride, the Jesus and Mary Chain. And I’m not even posting anything from the debut (don’t get me wrong, I love it, but there is so much more to them than that.)

Jesus and Mary Chain -‘April Skies.’ mp3 (My introduction to the band, via Top Of The Pops in 1987)

Jesus and Mary Chain -‘Upside Down.’ mp3 (The world’s introduction to the Mary Chain in 1984. Signed by Alan McGee, the band indicated that they could make people’s ears and eyes come out on stalks. and that was before the riots started).

Jesus and Mary Chain -‘Blues From a Gun.’ mp3 (Just another great track…)

The brothers are supposedly reformed (as a band, not as characters) so I live in hope…

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