Presenting…Red Light Company

Red Light Company are a five piece act from London. Their three track demo arrived in my inbox today, and as a break from marking (and posting yet more old stuff here) I gave it a listen.

And then I played one of the songs again.

Look, I know the Arcade Fire are kinda becoming a sacred cow that bloggers love (and I do like them, it’s just that bloggers seem to keep going on about them)…but I really do reckon these guys might be the British answer.

Melodies that worm your way into your brain after only a listen, more atmosphere than bands have had for years…and ‘With Lights Out’ is soon to be a single.

I can’t say you heard them here first, ‘cos that wouldn’t be true…

Red Light Company -‘With Lights Out.’ mp3

and give these demos a listen:

Red Light Company demos (zip file).

Red Light Company Myspace

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