More Festive Fifty delights from the vinyl

As I said, some more vinyl goodness, from John Peel’s Festive Fifty.

In 1984, New Order released their seventh single ‘Thieves Like Us.’ There were two 12″ singles for this, one backed with ‘Murder’ and the other with ‘Lonesome Tonight.’ Both singles had very cool, Dali-esque sleeves. ‘Lonesome Tonight’ reached no. 12 in that year’s Festive Fifty, while ‘Murder’ (which was the b-side of the ‘Instrumental’ version of ‘Thieves Like Us’) reached no.20. ‘Thieves Like Us’ reached no.7 in the Festive Fifty.

New Order -‘Lonesome Tonight.’ mp3

New Order -‘Murder.’ mp3

Now, while on the subject, there are various ‘wants’ that I have:

Firstly, if anyone has an mp3 of ‘Brutal’ by New Order that they could send me that would be great (not available on iTunes)
As well as:

Berntholer -‘My Suitor’
Unknown Cases -‘Masimbabele’
Hard Corps – ‘Dirty’
Working Week – ‘Venceramos’
Flesh For Lulu -‘Subterraneans.’

Thanks in advance…

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