Five festive Fifty Favourites for a monday

A few more Peel related tracks that

Period Pains -‘Spice girls (Who Do You Think You Are?)’ mp3 (Session version -if there is a non-session version please let me know!) (1997 Festive Fifty no.4)

Sportique -‘The Kids Are Solid Gold.’ mp3 (1998 Festive FIfty no.45)

Sodastream -‘Turnstyle.’ mp3 (1998 Festive Fifty no.46)

My long battles to find these were due to the fact I didn’t know these two Mark E. Smith collaborations were in fact available on a Fall compilation.

Long Fin Killie featuring Mark E Smith – ‘The Heads Of Dead Surfers.’ mp3 (1995 Festive Fifty no.10)

Dose -‘Plug Myself In.’ mp3 (1995 Festive Fifty no.44)

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