Motorcycle Boy -re-post!

Earlier today, I received feedback from a reader saying that a link from when I had posted Motorcycle Boy back in April was no longer active; it isn’t but given that this fine song is no longer available, so why not repost?

Motorcycle Boy -‘Big Rock Candy Mountain (12″ mix).’ mp3

…and seeing as I didn’t post them here originally, why not the tracks from the 7″ single?

Motorcycle Boy -‘Big Rock Candy Mountain (7″).’ mp3

Motorcycle Boy -‘Room At The Top.’ mp3

Motorcycle Boy were the boy founded when Meat Whiplash united with Alex Taylor of the Shop Assistants. Meat Whiplash recorded one Peel session; the Shop Assistants recorded two and had four festive fifty entries in 1985-6; Motorcycle Boy recorded one session and reached no.22 in the 1987Festive Fifty with ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain.’

When I posted the track back a few months ago, I did receive a lot of emails etc.. asking what else I had by Motorcycle Boy; this is all I have. So if anyone can email me mp3s I will happily post them here! And if you love Motorcycle Boy and the Shop Assistants you should be checking indie mp3, a totally excellent blog! See also Tom’s pages on the Shop Assistants.

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