Presenting…This Town Needs Guns

This Town Needs Guns hail from Oxford, in England, and many thanks to their record company, Big Scary Monsters Records for tipping me off about them. Their influences include Owls, Make Believe, Maps and Atlases, and Braid (no matter how much time I spend reading, writing about and listening to music, there is invariably still stuff out there that keeps me on my toes).

This track is an exclusive from their album, Animals which is out in October. I’ve now played this three times this morning already and it’s not even five past nine yet. I hear echoes of Biffy Clyro and Pavement, amongst other stuff, but what I really like is that I feel like I’m waiting for a sudden, predictable explosion, whihc doesn’t happen, and it’s all the better for that.

This Town Needs Guns -‘Baboon.’ mp3

Download it, let me know what you think and make friends with them at their MySpace.

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