Presenting…Echo Bloom

Echo Bloom is the project of Kyle Evans. iTunes lists this as folk, but I think the description that arrives on the press release is, for once, actually fairly accurate.

‘From the ashes of a 1920’s German photo documentarian, the genius of Washington DC jazz veterans, and the sweat of a frenetic three-day recording session emerges Echo Bloom’s ‘Jamboree,’ a series of character studies that explore and celebrate American identity in the 21st century. From Presidents to Performers, Prostitutes to Preachers, ‘Jamboree’ runs the stylistic gamut, weaving its tales from equal parts swamp funk, indie pop, alt-country and metal.’ Maybe concept albums are ok after all…

The debut album Jamboree is a gorgeous confection of a variety of influences. On ‘The Trucker,’ the stand-out track for me on this album, he even manages to mix both country and reggae. (I never thought i’d hear that either).

Check this album out, for me it gets ****

Echo Bloom -‘The Businessman.’ mp3

Echo Bloom -‘The Trucker.’ mp3

There is a blog about the making of the album here

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