Presenting…The French Semester


There seems to be something in the water. 2009 is the year it all sounds like 1982, right? At least, that was the theory, in oh, january at least. So, are you into electro-pop or old-school indie? It’s time to decide whose sides you’re on, comrade!

Last year, the Frech Semester released their acclaimed debut Open Letter To The Disappeared. Less than a year later, their sophomore release, Good Friends Only I Could See (look at the above image very carefully!) is about to hit us.

It’s wonderful low-fi indie pop meets shoegaze meets Britpop meets the Shins and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. What the date again? (It’s so dark in here) 1982 or twenty years on?* There’s an excellent piece on them here with some tracks from their first album.

I think I’ve fallen in love. With a pop group. Again…Sigh

French Semester -‘Backwards Rolling.’ mp3

French Semester -‘My Old Hands.’ mp3

The French Semester’s website/The French Semester’s Myspace
* With apologies to Simon Puxley and Roxy Music

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