It Hugs Back – A new video, an old video and the last single. Oh, and a review of their forthcoming album


Hell, there must be some planning going on over at the indie superhouse that is 4AD/Beggars Banquet/Matador. Not only have they signed Broken Records (supported by this blog since August 2006), and signed Camera Obscura, (in addition to a roster that currently includes TV On the Radio, Stereolab and Bon Iver), they also signed It Hugs Back towards the end of last year, too.

I’ve mentioned this band before, but seeing as the debut album Inside Your Guitar landed on the mat at 17 Seconds Towers a few days ago it seemed like I should mention them again. Believe me, an album as summery as this will light up your spring and summer – even if the good ol’ British weather remains as sodding awful as it…well, it usually is, let’s be honest, isn’t it?

The band -Matthew Simms (Guitar, vocals), Jack Theedom (Organ, backing vocals), Paul Michael (bass) and Dimitri Sudell (drums) have made a debut that shows the first relase from this album ‘Work Day’ was no fluke. This is an album that is beuatiful and wonderful, and completely on its’ own terms. It’s dreamy – but you’d never call this shoegazing. It’s folky – but it rocks, as well, just gently. It evokes classic guitar stuff, but it’s never indie by numbers or c86 re-treads. And is that a hint of Nick Drake…or was I thinking of Ooberman? The best records make you want to go back and listen to them as soon as you’ve finished them. With this album, you find yourself planning to do it before it’s even finished. I might need to invest in a new msuical theasuarus. Sod, it, we’ll just call it the fabulous debut from It Hugs Back.


Inside Your Guitar isn’t out until April 6 2009. A long wait, huh?

Well, until then, whet your appetite with this, the video for forthcoming single ‘Now + Again.’

The previous video for ‘Work Day’ can be seen here:

It Hugs back official website/ It Hugs Back myspace

And an official mp3 for ‘Work Day’-

It Hugs Back -‘Work Day.’ mp3

The first four singles can be downloaded from iTunes and eMuic has two of them as well.

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