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It’s a funny old world. Six months ago, I posted the Motorcycle Boy singles, which prompted one reader, David, to say why didn’t I do 17 Seconds Records? Here we are six months later, and whilst I have yet to licence the back catalogue of Motorcycle Boy, I do have 17 Seconds Records up and running.

I’ve been asked about reposting Motorcycle Boy’s back catalogue so here is a folder which has it all in. Hope you enjoy it…

‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ 12″ single

1.’Big Rock Candy Mountain (Velocity Dance Mix).’ mp3
2.’Room At The Top.’ mp3
3.’His Latest Flame.’ mp3
4.’Big Rock Candy Mountain (7″ mix).’ mp3

‘Trying To Be Kind’ 12″ single

1. ‘Trying To Be Kind (extended mix).’ mp3
2. ‘World Falls Into Place.’ mp3
3. ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow.’ mp3
4. ‘Trying To Be Kind (1000cc version).’ mp3

‘You And Me Against The World.’ 12″ single
1. ‘You And Me Against the World.’ mp3
2. ‘Under The Bridge.’ mp3
3. ‘Some Girls.’ mp3
4. ‘You And Me Against the World. (extended mix).’ mp3

(Note: the last two singles were due to be on the band’s album, Scarlet, which never appeared.)

‘The Road Goes On Forever.’ 12″ single

1. ‘Starlight.’ mp3
2. ‘Starlight (Paradise a go-go mix).’ mp3
3. ‘The Road Goes On Forever (Overdrive Karma mix).’ mp3
4. ‘Salvation.’ mp3
5. ‘The Road Goes On Forever.’ mp3

‘Here She Comes’ 12″ single

1. ‘Here She Comes.’ mp3
2. ‘Everything I See.’ mp3
3. ‘The Road Goes On Forever (live).’ mp3

8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Boy- re-post

  1. Some exciting news on Wikipedia! Scarlet full album plus two new tracks to be released in the fall of 2019 (this year!)…

    “Forgotten Astronaut Records have procured the licence for the unreleased album “Scarlet” and will release the album in the fall of 2019. It will be released on both CD and vinyl with the CD containing two bonus tracks, the Flood produced Sweet Dreams Pretty Baby, and the Pat Collier produced Days Like These.”

    Scarlet (2019) Forgotten Astronaut Records
    1. Hey Mama
    2. Baby Let Go Of My Heart
    3. The World Falls Into Place
    4. Valentine
    5. No Pain
    6. Take Me For A Walk
    7. Some Girls
    8. Under The Bridge
    9. Trying To Be Kind
    10. Scarlet
    11. Big Rock Candy Mountain
    12. Up Here
    13. Sweet Dreams Pretty Baby (Bonus track)
    14. Days Like These (Bonus track)

  2. Thanks Dennis, will take a look and get in touch. Great to know that a post written ten years ago generates interest!

  3. I have an mp3 of “you are going to be mine” but cannot find this as a recording anywhere. Maybe it was a bootleg or a session recording. So glad they released Scarlet.

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