A Kate Bush fix


I fell for Kate Bush’s music -and her-aged eleven. A now defunct but long-running UK show called The Chart Show (which doesn’t sound a radical name for a music show, but it had no presenters, which seemed pretty radical in 1988) show had a feature where they would show three videos from one artist, and one day they showed Kate Bush’s videos for ‘Babooshka,’ ‘Running Up That Hill’ (which I knew because it had been the theme tune to what I can only describe as a children’s thriller called Running Scared) and ‘The Big Sky.’ I rented a video of The Whole Story from the local video shop (look, it was twenty years ago, there was no YouTube)…and that was me smitten.

Thing was, i had to keep on investigating. The Whole Story -which partly soundtracked the beginning of my relationship with the woman who is now Mrs. 17 Seconds – does not have all her hits on it, even for the time. So a few that should have been on it, I think.

Is this the great lost Kate Bush single?

About the only one of her singles never to chart in the UK, from her weird and wonderful fourth album The Dreaming, I think this is one of her best.

Kate Bush – ‘There Goes a Tenner.’

This track missed the forty as well, and this is still possibly my favourite kate Bush song of all…from her second album, Lionheart

Kate Bush -‘Hammer Horror.’

This song was the final single off The Hounds Of Love album, which might explain its’ fairly low chart placing. A fairly low chart placing but she’s clearly having fun.

Kate Bush -‘The Big Sky.’

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