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Tomorrow sees what I reckon is one of the releases of the year so far, the single ‘Outlaws’ by Le Reno Amps. In which a girl’s parents are trying to dissaude her from seeing a guy ‘because he’s always eyeing other girls.’ It’s a fantastic stomp of a record that reminds me of early Sons & Daughters jamming with the 1990s and being gatecrashed by the Birthday Party after a particularly frantic gig. Here the outlaws are not the likes of Cowboys, but a bunch of disapproving parents (based on personal expereicne, they sound like the sort of idiots who fill their living room with pictures of their children, solely because they have done nothing else worthwhile in their lives but breed. In particularly shocking cases they read the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. They are a threat.)

Le Reno Amps -‘Outlaws’

This scottish act consist of Scott Maple on Vocals and Guitar, Al Nero on Vocals and Guitar, Lindsey Scott on Bass and drummer Jason Sinclair. Shamefully, I have been meaning to write about them for weeks, put with the dawning realisation that If I love this track I should be writing about it and encouraging people to go and buy it if they like it, I really should get on and do so.

This track is taken from their second album Tear It Open, which will be released in a month’s time. It’s the follow-up single to last year’s ‘Send me On My Way.’

Le Reno Amps -‘Send Me On My Way.’

And no, no mp3s here, go and buy the singles and the album.

Le Reno Amps webpage/Le Reno Amps myspace

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