Album Review: Le Reno Amps


Le Reno Amps -‘Tear It Open’ (Drift Records)

At this stage of 2009, this sophomore album’s opening track ‘Outlaws’ is one of my contenders already for my track of 2009. As has already been reported, this is a mad stomp in the vein of the Birthday Party and Sons & Daughters. But what should probably be noted is that this is not the side to Le Reno Amps.

Whilst many bands claim to have many influences (and allow only one or two of them to shine through on their records, usually the most obvious ones), Le Reno Amps’ strength is that wildly different songs can sit next to each other. ‘Outlaws’ is followed by ‘If you Want A Lover’ which is like a slightly more countrified Bluetones firing on all cylinders, while track three ‘You Do Your Thing’ evokes Ben Folds Five. On paper this might sound like someone’s made a slightly insane compilation. Yet on album, this works amazingly well.

Over the course of elevn tracks what you have here is an album that has many standout tracks, to the extent that many could be singles and even though I haven’t seen them live yet, I’m now desperate to. Le Reno Amps are a scottish band full of passion, and to these ears, their time is is now. Give these tracks a listen, watch the videos (see the post on them a few below!) and buy the album when it’s out in a few weeks’ time.


Le Reno Amps -‘The Stand Off.’ mp3

Le Reno Amps -‘Dangerous Boy.’ mp3

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