Never Forget


…twenty five years ago since the miners strike began in Britain. However, I’m not putting in a picture of Arthur Scargill any more than I would of Thatcher or Derek Hatton. So I chose Che Guevera as someone who was a genuine revolutionary.

Whatever your view on the Miners strike -and I’ve given mine here before, what cannot be disputed is that the heart was ripped out of communities, and the Unions not so much tamed (or even given beer and sandwiches at no.10) but closer to being castrated and the heart ripped out of many communities. And that’s accepted even by Norman Tebbit. Later, Margaret Thatcher commented -appallingly – that there was no such thing as society, only individuals.

God knows what will happen at the next election- but let us not forget those who have fallen, literally and metaphorically.

The Men They Couldn’t Hang -‘Ironmasters.’ mp3

Billy Bragg -‘There Is Power In A Union.’ mp3

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