Album Review: Condo Fucks


Condo Fucks -‘Fuckbook’ (Matador)

There have been many boring stickers on albums over the years. Prices, parental advisory stickers (‘what’s the point in wasting money on music that won’t upset your parents?’ as Bart Simpson once quipped), and the info that it includes the recent hit single that the album shares its’ name with. Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Lose The Plot, sorry, Use Your Illusion I and II boasted the information that ‘This album contains langauge that some people may find offensive. They can f@?! [sic] off and buy something from the new Age section.’ The Condo Fucks’ album boasts the information that ‘This is not the new Yo La Tengo album.’


What it is, though, is a hugely enjoyable romp through a selection of songs written by the likes of Slade (‘Gudbuy T’Jane’), The Beach Boys (‘Shut Down’) and the Kinks (‘This Is Where I Belong’) in a sixties garage punk stylee. It shows that perhaps there is a line that links the sixties surf sound to the sixties garage punk sound at the time. Produced by Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange and mixed by Bob Clearmountain (at least, that’s what the sleeve says), this legendary Connecticut band whose back catalogue is extremely hard to get hold of tear through eleven songs in thirty minutes.

It’s loud, it’s raw, it’s fun and doesn’t matter remotely that it’s not particularly original. The name of the band may stop them getting much daytime airplay, though I suspect their world will continue to spin on its’ axis.

Oh, and it sounds nothing like a Yo La Tengo record I’ve ever heard, either.


Condo Fucks -‘What’cha Gonna Do About it?’ mp3

Fuckbook is released on March 23 on Matador.

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